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little things vaguely reminiscent of “little shop of horrors”

Did the world forget about this gem? Seriously…this is everything. We have Justin Timberlake as a young Elton, an always creepy Paul Reubens, 70s panache, all set to a bittersweet end-of-glory-days song, portrayed in beautifully single-shot style video by David LaChapelle. Gushing.

HBO: The Best For Last

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Brian Atwood, Watch: Vintage Omega, Ring: LeVian


HBO threw a truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime after-party following the Emmys. Everything from the celebrities to the decor to the food was larger than life. The vibrant 60s head-to-toe print lined every inch of the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, where the booming tunes and semi-outdoor setting under the bright stars set only one tone for the evening: FUN. Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon, and many, many more came to party (literally), hitting the dance floor, congratulating friends, and drinking the night away. From True Blood to Girls to Modern Family, you couldn’t move an inch without bumping into someone pretty awesome. Everyone that entered the room had the same exactly look on their face and could even be heard muttering: “Wow, there are a lot of people in here!”. With every possible dessert and great food to nosh on by Wolfgang Puck to the Dry Bar and Stila set-up so you can look bomb all night, there was no shortage of awesomeness everywhere.

I met some great new friends and some old ones too, allowing me to kick back and enjoy a night of fun. I caught myself constantly thinking, “Is this really my job?” The defining moment for me (besides even being invited to such an uber-exclusive event) was rushing to the red carpet in flats, late (what else is new?), struggling to throw on my heels (rare occasion) and standing next to Tom Hanks. Yes, that Tom Hanks. Forest Gump himself. Amazing. Awe. Fangirl. All of the above.

By the end of the night, I got to hold some Emmys which a very well-known producer won. How he allowed me to even touch them, I don’t know. I also don’t know how people can walk around with them all night…they are HEAVY. 

Now that I’ve gushed enough (actually not enough at all) about HBO’s magical soiree, let’s get to fashion. I seldom wear heels. I rarely wear dresses. I never wear tight dresses. All these things combined: hot mess. The dress was hip-hugging to say the least and the heels were sky-high (at least for me!) I took very tiny steps all night, the last thing I needed was falling flat on my face in front of Alexander Skarsgard. It paid off, he smiled at me although I didn’t know it was him until after the party since I don’t watch TB.

I kept it all black to play it safe, with a simple diamond ring, gold watch, and studs. I chose the dress for the leather sleeves to add a bit of texture to an otherwise bland piece. In retrospect it was a bit boring, but the tightness of the dress was enough to grab some attention (thank you to Spanxxx for that).


If someone would have told me 2 years ago I would be at the HBO Emmys after-party, I would have rolled my eyes and never even let the thought manifest into a dream in my mind…that’s how absurd the idea was to me. To be at such an iconic event, with some great people, doing what I LOVE…I can’t possibly be more grateful. This entire Emmys experience has been truly, truly amazing. I’m so happy to share these moments with all of you and receive the support that I have. It’s AWESOME. Really, it is. Hopefully there will be many more to come and I can share this beautiful, insane, fun ride with you.

Yes. My pretty jewelry organization sits atop a pile of GQ’s. 

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Colored markers are da bomb.

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