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1. This makes me excited for H&M X Isabel Marant 2. FREIDA PINTO THOUGH….YES.

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Something Borrowed


"Oh, I can’t do that. It’s been done already." Saying this in J-school was considered blasphemy. Just THE worst thing you could possibly say….well, maybe second to not knowing the BBC 5-shot method or what a lede is. 

But no seriously, it’s THAT bad. Every seemingly droned concept has the potential to be given a new life. It can be reinvented, redesigned…reconceptualized. I mean hey, Lost is really just a far more morbid version of Gilligan’s Island and BRATZ dolls are a far more grotesque (sluttier) version of Barbie. The latter may only make sense in my mind, but you know where I’m going with this: once you realize that everything can be tweeked, the creative energy will come a-flowin. 

I recently discovered Part Nouveau, a blog that proves jackin’ someone’s shiz (in layman’s terms) is A-OK. If you’re a fashion junkie (like myself), it’s pretty interesting to see vintage editorial revamped and modernized (or I’m just nerding out alone about this). My favorite thus far, for obvious reasons (my glaring, unreciprocated love for Tina Fey) features a 1975 image by Helmut Newton of Elsa Peretti donning a Halston bunny suit. When we think of Tina, comedianne extraordinaire, it’s easy to dismiss her subtle sexiness. Yet in this photo, she pays homage to a classic, sex-oozing portrait…but with all that Tina-esque quality. A bit less risque and a intensely beautiful, she owns that NYC skyline…owns it. 

Oh, and I also just really like the title of the blog post: "I’m a mouse—Duh." 

Part Nouveau

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